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Dripping Ink is a collection of images of some America's most influential late and early 21st century writers of the African Diaspora. Many of these photographs were taken at readings and public functions throughout New York City.
Each of the images in the Dripping Ink collections shares an excerpt from the authors published work.
The Dripping Ink collection has been exhibited at libraries, schools and galleries in New York and Connecticut.

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Dripping Ink exhibited at Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn 2003Derrick BellJunot DiazDr. John Henrik ClarkJamaica KincaidNtozake ShangeAmiri BarakaOctavia ButlerWalter MosleyChinua AchebeDripping Ink at AALBC Brownstone Gallery, HarlemOne of the purpose for the Dripping Ink exhibitEdward P. JonesEdward P. JonesEdward P. JonesMalcolm GladwellMalcolm GladwellAndrea LevyCaryl PhilipsAyana Mathis