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I just returned from my family reunion vacation in Jamaica, the land where we are proud to be from. We stayed in Negril on a resort that provided prime services by the local people that works on the resort/compound.
I took the opportunity to photograph the locals who worked on the resort, vend in the craft market, and hustled on the beach. Beautiful Jamaican people who work hard, and have dreams for a better life for themselves and their family.
It is important to support the local folks on the islands. Like every where else in the world, gentrification is also taking away a lot of the land by plonking buildings for the purpose of tourism, which leaves less options for those who live there, particularly the small businesses, who are basically kept out of sight from tourists.
In lieu of posting images of myself clad in bikini's and laying on a beach drinking rum punch, I am paying tribute to my Jamaican people, whom without, there wouldn't be a Jamaica that we know and love.
Remember to support the local people when you are on their island eating up the fat off their land.

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