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A Time Of Innocence by Jamel Shabbazz - 1980'sUntitled  by Jamel Shabbazz - 1980'sRush Hour by Jamel Shabbazz - 1980No Standing by Jamel Shabbazz - 1980'sSisters by Jamel Shabbazz - 1980'sBaptism by Kerika FieldsBrooklyn's Son with his Sun by Marcia Wilson - 1996Spike Lee by Kerika Fields - 1990'sUntitled by Kerika Fields - 1990'sSpoken Word at Nkiru Bookstore, 1997 by Marcia WilsonUntitled by Michael YoungEaster by Marcia Wilson - 2016Lathan, a kickboxer/MMA fighter by Micheal YoungBuilding Fist by Marcia Wilson - 2016Tribute to the Ancestors - 2015 by Kisha Johnsonby Hollis King - 2021Mami Wata - 2020 by Kisha JohnsonFrom the Bedstuy Series by Kay HickmanBlessence - 2020 by Kisha Johnson